Noel Crider


About Noel Crider

With 14 years as a top realtor in the Auburn area, Noel prides herself on sharing her love of the area, and at the same time making sure her clients find just the right home in the right location to suit their lifestyle. For home sellers, Noel is a 1-percenter when it comes to her use of technology, social media and niche marketing, making sure her client's properties are marketed to high influx areas, like LA and the Bay Area. Utilizing amazing photos and cinematic video, her client's homes are showcased in a way that attracts the most potential buyers. If updating, repairs or staging are needed, she has an amazing team available to step in and make the appropriate changes to get her clients top dollar. Noel is passionate about helping people get where they want to be. Noel is a consultant first, realtor second, and ready to assist you!